Friday, June 27, 2014

Grapevine Mills Makes Summer Sizzle Again in 2014

"Hot in Pink" at Last Call Grapevine Mills! Neiman Marcus dress found here and in store.
Grapevine Mills: long time, no see...seriously!  It had been nearly a year since attending a fashion event at Grapevine Mills.  But I couldn't stay away for that long - I did some spring shopping at Last Call at the beginning of the season.  The Last Call at Grapevine Mills is the best I've been to, by the way. 
The Cool Buddies: Dionne Dean, me, Leah Frazier, Briana Roker, and Emilie in the front!
The Mills crew was nice enough to let me bring Emilie to a "real fashion event" as she said in anticipation several times over the weeks before the event.  She was even more excited because the event happened to fall on her birthday (June 12) and was another celebration.  Grapevine Mills has a team of friendly and fabulous people who make sure every shopping experience at Mills is a special one.  At the summer event, Leah Frazier, Dionne Dean, and Briana Roker were also in attendance.  They became Emilie's new "cool buddies" quickly!  These fashionable, gorgeous girls were so sweet to her, and it makes me love them all even more than I did before.  
Black & White polka dots never go out of style... Neiman Marcus blouse (similar here and more in store!)
After mingling, we all headed over to Last Call for a mini summer runway presentation.  As soon as the last model finished her walk, the shoe-obsessed gals Leah, Dionne, and Briana sifted through designer kicks that were on major clearance at Last Call.  I returned that weekend and found at RED Valentino dress for $100 (normally about $600... find another cute one here). 
"Hot in Pink" Rebecca Minkoff Blazer (found at Last Call online and in store at Grapevine Mills)
Grapevine Mills is the home to tons of retailers, most of them name-brand stores with a discount.  It's only about 20-30 minutes from North Dallas and trust me... it'll be worth the trip! 
Leah scored this chic jacket for a steal at Last Call Grapevine Mills!

They're also going to be starting a renovation with new stores this fall.  Mills really does mean more... especially Grapevine Mills!

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