Thursday, October 22, 2015

ImPressive! ImPress Gel Manicure

I have to tell you about a fabulous nail product that has the staying power to keep your tips looking pretty.  Taking the time to get my nails done has just not been an option lately because I'm so busy.  So with imPress nails, I just peel off the backing and put them on like a sticker and they'll last for a whole week!  It's a salon-quality manicure at home.  Pretty impressive.

When imPress nails were first released a few years ago, the technology wasn't quite perfect.  I loved the convenience and look, but when my nails popped off because water would "un-stick" them it got a little annoying.  Now they really do last up to a week with the gel adhesive that doesn't damage your nails.  At about $8 each, it's a great way to do your nails quickly and easily.
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