Thursday, October 22, 2015

All Eyes on You: Firmoo Glasses Fall Fashion Statement

Brisk fall days give you the opportunity to bring out your favorite coats and riding boots.  But this season, I challenge you to experiment with new styles.  I'm all about being a little adventurous with fashion, and that starts with accessorizing.  Adding glasses to your fall fashion arsenal is a fun and easy way to elevate your style.  This is not an optical illusion... prescription glasses don't have to be dull.  I've come to realize that the right specs can be a serious style statement.  I was introduced to Firmoo this past spring.  Firmoo is a website with an excellent selection of both classic and on-trend glasses for men and women.   

I've had two pairs of Firmoo glasses (so far), both bold and stylish.  But if you want to be more demure that's alright too.  There's pretty much something for everyone.  I was going for nerd next door chic with these big frames!  Swipe on simple cat-eye eyeliner and bright lipstick for an effortless fall look.

Another advantage of Firmoo - the prices are fabulous so you don't have to choose one pair to fit all of your outfits.  Instead of buying your frames at the eye doctor's office, just ask for your prescription and input it into your Firmoo profile.  Before you commit you can "try on" your glasses by uploading a picture of yourself.  

A pair of glasses is not just a functional medical device.  Take advantage of every chance to add style to your life and you'll be a lot happier.  Remember, fashion is not an option.  Take a look, check out Firmoo!

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