Friday, October 2, 2015

Front Door Fashion Celebrates 2 Years!

Front Door Fashion (FDF) celebrated 2 years in the business of making styling simpler this summer.  In 2013, Dallas-based Nina Lowe and Andrea Campbell started bringing personalized outfits to our front doors with FDF.  In case you're not familiar, FDF stylists put together looks based on your online style profile, they arrive at your door, then you keep your favorite pieces and mail back the stuff you don't want.  Longtime Small 4 Style readers may remember my introduction to FDF in 2013 with a box of clothes and accessories picked out for me by professional stylists.  2 years later they're still going strong and growing.     

Congratulations to Nina, Andrea and their team of fabulous stylists for bringing style in a box to our front doors.
with Devin Ellis

Fans and stylists pose with Nina Lowe (4th from left) and Andrea Campbell (in yellow skirt)

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