Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Amelia Rose Cabo Collection Earrings

Since I can't escape to Cabo this summer, I'm doing the next best thing: updating my wardrobe!  The latest addition to my jewelry collection is a pair of Amelia Rose earrings from the Cabo Collection.  Earlier this year I got a cute saphire heart necklace from Amelia Rose.  But this season is all about the big, fun earrings!  My second Amelia Rose jewelry piece didn't disappoint.  Pink quartz and shiny gold was my choice but there are lots of color options with Amelia Rose jewelry.  Every collection comes in a rainbow of shades and silver or gold.  There's an element of sophistication in each Amelia Rose design.  I love my Amelia Rose Cabo earrings I think you will too, check them out and other Amelia Rose jewelry to find your favorite!

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