Thursday, July 2, 2015

Invaluable: Classy Girls Get Vintage Pearls from Online Auction Site

Photo Credit: Shana Anderson
Some people think you can overdo it with your accessories.  But my philosophy is the exact opposite.  Nothing is too sparkly to wear for day and at night, I always say the bigger the better!  Accessories can take a plain, boring look into a stunning and stylish outfit.  When I don't know what jewelry to wear, I always default to pearls.  You could even say I'm a "pearl girl."  The sophisticated classiness of pearls go with every outfit.  Pearls have been my go-to for as long as I could remember. 

My signature pearl accessories have a vintage feel, which is classically refreshing.  I came across a website where you can get vintage jewelry and fine antiques online called Invaluable.  It's a really cool online auction marketplace for precious valuables like jewelry.  Bidders get access to a virtual database of the world's premiere auction houses.  Millions of people score estate items and jewelry from Invaluable each year.
Invaluable wouldn't be complete without pearl jewelry, obviously.  When you search for "pearls" you get more than 2,000 results!

  1. Lot 261: Chanel Clip On Earrings
  2. Lot 68A: 18k Gold Pearl Ring
  3. Lot 76: Pearl Necklace      

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