Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SMU Graduation 2015 OOTD

I've officially graduated from SMU and not only was it a day to celebrate 4 years of achievement, it was a day of style too.  My family was there to cheer me on.  It was a memorable day so I needed a memorable outfit.  I planned it all out months in advance!  I fell in love with a Ralph Lauren metallic jacquard dress at TJMaxx, which you can now get at Lord & Taylor or at Dillard's in navy.  But you couldn't see that until the after party.  Because I was covered in a polyester blue gown all day, my accessories had to be amazing.  I wore big sparkly Kate Spade earrings and Vince Camuto shoes, which killed my feet after standing in them all day ( it was worth it).  I completed the look with my signature pearls, of course!

with Michael and Stephanie

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