Thursday, September 19, 2013

Runway-Ready Hair in Real Life

Having runway-ready hair every day would be awesome, but let's get real.  Behind the scenes at the runway shows, we all know those models aren't doing their own hair.  Most of us don't have access to the world's top hair pros, but that doesn't mean we can't get that runway hair in real life.  In honor of my love of the runway, I've added Organix Blow Out Cream and Ouidad Styling Mist to my beauty routine for model-esque hair when I'm working all of life's runways.  

The Organix Blow Out Cream has nourishing Moroccan Oil, which is something I've been hearing about but had never tried before.  It makes my hair smooth and shiny.  I set my style with the Ouidad Styling Mist, which is like hairspray with more flexibility.  My hair stays in place without looking like I have helmet-hair.

So all of this sounds great when you've freshly styled your hair, but I put these products to the test in real life.  In 100+ degree weather at the SMU football game, the humidity didn't get to my hair.  On the golf course, my hair stayed flyaway-free.  Most importantly, at Yvonne Crum's ultra-chic, fancy fashion event, my hair was mingle-ready.  

Supermodel or not, we all need to have fantastic hair.  I absolutely love using the Organix Blowout Cream and the Ouidad Styling Mist because they're perfect for all of life's runways!

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