Thursday, December 6, 2012

Read Still Lolo!

Lauren Scruggs is a true inspiration.  A year ago, she was in a serious accident and has overcome so much.  But she's been so courageous and is now Still Lolo, which is the title of her new book.  I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at the exclusive Jean Paul Gaultier media event at the Dallas Museum of Art in 2011.  She came up to me and introduced herself, saying she recognized me from the blogging world.  I was so excited when someone so huge in the fashion industry recognized me, a freshman at the time.  Even though I only met her once, she made such an impression on me.  Lauren writes an online magazine, Lolo Magazine and has her own fashion blog, Lolo.      

After finals, I'm looking forward to reading her book.  I am so excited for all of Lauren's success and all that she has overcome.  You can get her book at Barnes & Noble and Books A Million.

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