Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dorey AromaTherapy

I received a box of fabulous natural products from Dorey AromaTherapy last week.  The box smelled so good before I even opened it so I knew I would enjoy these products.  Aroma therapy is using essential oils for physical and psychological well-being.  What a nice treat for final exam study breaks!  Dorey AromaTherapy is a natural skincare line that brings "vitality into your life."  There are 4 areas of the product line: WellCare, BodyCare, SkinCare, and HomeCare.  I got to try the Emotional Support Cream, Organic Body Butters, and the Bath Fizzie products.  The Emotional Support Cream helps with stress, anxiety, and depression.  The Body Butters are so gentle on my sensitive skin.  They make my skin so soft.  And I LOVE bath stuff, so the Bath Fizzie Salts and Message in a Bubble Bath Fizzie are so relaxing.  And everything smells so good, of course. 
Emotional Support Cream
Mary Ellen Dorey is the owner of Dorey AromaTherapy, which is based in Plano, TX.  She's even been featured in WWD and The Dallas Morning News.   Ms. Dorey and I sat next to each other during the runway show at the Fashion Group International A Night of Stars.  We had such a fun time together ooo-ing and aaa-ing over clothes on the runway.  In addition to experience in the aroma therapy industry, Ms. Dorey has 25 years of experience in retail. 

This relaxing stuff from Dorey AromaTherapy has been so helpful during finals (one more to go!).  Check out her website!
Message in a Bubble Bath Fizzie
Fizzie Bath Salts
Organic Body Butters
Our iPhone pic at the FGI A Night of Stars!

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