Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lauren Scruggs

Me with Lauren Scruggs at the Jean Paul Gaultier press event in November

I met Lauren Scruggs at the Jean Paul Gaultier press event in November.  Not really knowing what to do at such an important event, I was standing alone when Lauren introduced herself.   Lauren came up to me and had said had read some of my blogs on SMUStyle.  Lauren was also a SMUStyle blogger at one time.  She put me at ease right away with her outgoing and friendly personality.  We hung out together at the event and even tried to get a picture with Jean Paul, but, of course, his handlers shut us down.  

I was so struck with how gracious and kind Lauren was to me.  It was so impressive that someone in her position in the fashion industry would approach me and be so genuine.  I mean, I’m just a freshman and she has her own online magazine, LOLO Magazine!  This is something that I will never forget even after spending just a few hours with her.  She had made such an impression on me. 

I was so shocked to hear what had happened to her.  I felt compelled to share her story with you.  From all the news stories and her website, it sounds like she is handling this like she would handle anything else in her life: with determination, courage, and grace.   If you would like to learn more about Lauren and make a donation to help with medical expenses, please go to or her CaringBridge site.   Please keep her in your prayers.

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