Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lauren Scruggs Update

Photo Credit: People

I had the privilege of meeting Lauren Scruggs at the Jean Paul Gaultier press event in November 2011.  Her kindness and enthusiasm really made an impression on me.  As many know, Lauren has been dealing with the challenges that resulted from her accident on December 3, 2011.  After walking into a moving plane propeller, she lost her left hand and eye.  From the news stories and updates posted by her mom on her CaringBridge site, it seems like she has been handling everything with a positive attitude and determination.  Even from meeting Lauren just once, I could tell that she wasn't one to let her struggles get in the way.  Lauren has posted on her blog, and took a trip with her family to Colorado.  And her online magazine, LOLO, is still one of my favorite style sources!  Lauren Scruggs is truly an inspiration.

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  1. She seems really nice and cool. Hope she is doing well...


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