Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hanes Hosiery: Sheer is Better Than Bare

Hanes Hosiery is having a Blogger Challenge.  I was so excited when they contacted me to test whether sheer is "Better Than Bare."  My challenge was to style a fashion look with Hanes Hosiery.  I tried on the same outfit with and without the hose to make a true comparison.  Let's analyze the pictures, shall we?

Can you tell which one is sheer?  Hanes Hosiery Ultra Sheer Control Top Hose in Barely There (Style 0B260)
Which one is bare, which one is sheer?  Look at the difference between the smoothness, coloring, and overall appearance of my legs.  On the left I'm bare-legged (with a visible bruise) and on the right, I'm wearing Hanes Hosiery sheer hose.  I found out that sheer is Better Than Bare, and here's why:
1. Hose are like makeup for the legs!  When I'm not wearing hose, you can see the bruises on my knees and redness.  But with sheer hose, my legs are totally smooth and bruise-free!
2.  Hose makes you thinner!  Once I put on the hose, my legs instantly looked thinner, which made me feel more confident.  Plus, the control top slightly sucks you in for a leaner look.
3.  Hose gives you an instant summer glow!  After a long winter of wearing pants and tights, my pasty white legs won't be ready to be bare for a while.  Thank goodness hose are coming back!
I'm not going to lie, I used to think hose was just for older women, but that's certainly not the case.  Young, stylish celebrities and royalty like Kate Middleton are bringing hose back into fashion.  Hose instantly elevates your look to a new level of sophistication, elegance, and class.  Those are definitely things I want my style to say.  Sheer hose is one of my new new favorite trends.

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* I'm wearing Hanes Hosiery Ultra Sheer Control Top Hose in Barely There (Style 0B260), courtesy of Hanes Hosiery


  1. That is so interesting... I want to wear a dress sometimes but my legs are either so white or bruised from working out. I do hope hose come back. Love your pictures and outfit

  2. You are WAY CUTE DISCOVERING panty hose . Well I am in the generation that stop wearing hose. So I have worn them and i clearly remember when they became unfashionable. I do think it depends on if you live in a state that has cold winters. But I stop wearing hose in the 90's and I don't wear them unless I am doing a fashionable tight. Regarding the bruise. My mom told me when I was younger that I was going to be angry about all the bruises I had on my knees. Back then I was a tomboy and could care less. Today I do care about the knots and bruises on my knees but not enough to wear hose. They are restrictive and I love the idea of being free.

  3. What a fun new trend, I am going to wear hose now! I have seen Kate and Pippa wearing hose too and always love their style.

  4. The first outfit you picked was outrageously cute, but the other ones combined waaaaay too elements going on at once. How do you choose which pieces you incorporate into an outfit? I loved the article overall, though!

  5. I agree, hosiery makes women's legs look soo much nicer and sexier, it's like the icing on the cake. Especially nicer quality hosiery with a nice shine. I think if more women tried better brands (as opposed to the cheap snug-fitting supermarket brands)and chose a size that actually fits proper, they would be hooked on them. My wife wears high quality brands 2-3x/week and it drives guys crazy, they can't stop staring at her shiny toned blemish-free legs :)...works for me too, I'm so lucky:)

  6. People need to think for themselves. I know its a radical idea. Really, "I hope hose comes back"? Just wear them, why do they have to be in style for you to wear them. Im sure Kate wouldnt wear them if it wasnt protocol. i have worn hose all my life and will continue to no matter what the fashion people say. Also, you get what you pay for. You really think a pair of 3$ hose is going to do you any good? Fork out some bucks, youll find they fit better and last longer, and they feel nice too!

  7. I don't know how to create a user name on here, but just for the record I'm a 45 y/o male. Anyway, I think your legs look much nicer with the hose than without. Your legs just look smoother and less blotchy. I hope you continue to wear hose and convince your friends to do the same.

  8. most men find pantyhose very sexy. if three beautiful women walk into a club and only one of them is wearing pantyhose she is the one that gets the attention

  9. Wow, we (also) agree with most of the comments here. The sheer pantyhose really kick the outfit up many notches! & really add that something special.
    Stylish, dressed-up and quite sexy! (and they showcase your great Legs!)
    My boyfriend (sitting behind me) goes ga-ga for me wearing my best pairs of pantyhose. We both agree that the 'brittany/white trash look' is not only over but was always horrid.
    Great article. We would luv to see others from you with the focus on all types of pantyhose.
    Lindsay & erik

  10. That's what I've known for years! You look great and you are totaly up on fashion :)

  11. It's refreshing seeing youmger women under 30 like you wearing hose. Sheer pantyhose put a great polish look on your legs, plus it looks classier. I'm a middle age man who loves seeing my wife wear hose. It's not like we are asking women to wear a corset, girdle or 6 inch heels. Too many fashion "experts" have villified this sexy garment. Newsflash to women- you attract men when you wear hosiery. Duh!

  12. Great to see a young woman like you wearing nude hose. It covers the marks on your knees, and enhances the look on your legs. Forget about what those so called fashion experts saying that hose is out. They obviously have no clue about class, femininity, and professionalism.
    Hope you continue to wear nude hose. It is like makeup for your legs.


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