Sunday, October 16, 2016

Color Your Way to Calm in Parisian Chic Style

Lately I've been trying to make the most of my time and take advantage of opportunities to unwind.  The hottest hobby to hit the relaxation scene since meditation is coloring, who would have thought, and I'm really into it.  If you think about it, coloring for relaxation makes sense.  I loved to color when I was little, when times were simpler.  They say it's being "mindful" but it's kind of mindless and that's part of the calming effect.

You've probably seen a lot of coloring books out there with patterns and mandalas and while those are super fun, I love fashion.  So a coloring book that has the words Paris Street Style is right up my alley.  The book is full of beautifully drawn cityscapes, outfits, and couture storefronts.  And of course, all in Paris!

With the holidays coming up, keep in mind that this is a great gift for your favorite stylistas.  In fact, I need to chill out right now.  Au revoir, I'm going to color some Parisian chic street style pictures.


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