Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cool & Chic LBDs from Tobi

Easy little black dresses should be staples in every wardrobe.  Versatile pieces that can be worn for multiple occasions, and dressed up or down, are always the best.  I recently ordered two super cute LBDs with white accents (plus a faux shearling vest!) from Tobi.  Tobi is an online fashion label based in Los Angeles.  Since 2007, Tobi has been designing trendy clothes that embody the cool LA vibe.  Let's face it, a little Cali girl style attitude is a breath of fresh air.

At Tobi, new products are added to the site every day, so the selection never gets old.  The Tobi team works hard to produce products quickly in order to deliver customers with the latest fashions they crave.  After being sketched out by designers, Tobi items can be purchased in as little as eight weeks.  They care about being in style just as much as you do.  Tobi's products are designed in LA and sold exclusively at 

Now you have to check out these fabulous outfits I got from Tobi.  LA style can be a bit edgy, and you've probably figured out that I lean toward the girly side of the style spectrum.  Either way, Tobi has something for all styles.  The designs are fashionable, but simple and effortless you can accessorize and make your own unique Tobi look.  Both of these LBDs featured below have contrasting classy white piping on the sleeves and collars.  Add some sunglasses, jewelry, and Tobi's Anka Shearling Vest and you'll be ready to go!       

Tobi Look 1: Easy Sunday Shirt Dress  


Tobi Look 2: Kaelyn Piper Skater Dress


Get Small 4 Style's Tobi look!

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