Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fashion X Dallas: September 8-10

No tickets to NYFW this week?  No problem, because if you were there you'd be missing Fashion X Dallas this Thursday through Friday at Fashion Industry GalleryFashion, mingling, shopping and more - this is going to be an epic runway event (can you tell that I am excited?)!  The fashion shows will feature a mixture of nationally-known, local, and independent designers.  A lot of friends of Small 4 Style are being featured during Fashion X Dallas 2016.  Just to highlight a few: Thursday night will feature Dallas style stars Steve Kemble and LeeAnne LockenBinzario Couture will be showing their collection on the runway, and they never disappointSame with Ese Azenabor on SaturdayFriday night will feature looks from Vintage Martini, the fabulous and famous Dallas vintage store owned by Ken Weber.  Plus, I am so pumped to see the Project Runway stars' latest collections, especially Daniel Esquivel, Chloe Dao, and Korto Momolu.  Check out the Fashion X Dallas official website for the full schedule of events and to purchase your tickets.
with Zebran Kabani at Fashion X Dallas 2014

Thursday, September 8

Friday, September 9

Saturday, September 10

Daniel Esquivel

See you on the runway at Fashion X Dallas and stay tuned for social media and blog coverage during and after the event!


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