Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Galleria Dallas Hosts 2016 FGI Dallas Rising Stars Awards

Rising Stars! From left: Shane Monden, Jason Fitzgerald, LaToya Jones, James Turner, Alex Small (FGI board member, ;) only non-Rising Star on stage), Binzario Couture designers Luis Nazario and Andre Yabin, Allison Mitchell, and Jeremy Michael Calhoun
Fashion Group International (FGI) of Dallas recognized some of the brightest fashion industry stars in Dallas earlier this March.  FGI is a world-wide professional organization for those who work in the fashion industry, many of whom are entrepreneurs.  The 18 FGI Dallas Rising Stars nominees this year were chosen for both their fashion sense and business savvy.  As usual, the Galleria Dallas was a fabulous host and Jan Strimple wowed us again with her runway show featuring Galleria Dallas retailers and the Rising Stars fashion nominees.  

I'm so happy to know several of the 2016 Rising Stars nominees and admire their work.  I have to give a special shout out to my friend Taylor Miller, who has run a successful business Hazen Jewelry since she was nine.  She and I went to SMU together and bonded over our mutual love of fashion and business.  By far the youngest of the 18 nominees recognized this year and I know we're all looking forward to following the progression of her business.     

The Nominees (Winners in bold):
Fashion: Binzario Couture / Charles Smith II / Ese Azenabor
Accessories: Allison Mitchell / Jeremy Michael Calhoun / Taylor Miller
Art: JoJo Herdashey, LaToya Jones, Shawn Saumell
Interior Design: Andrew Gonzales, James Turner, Kara Legako
Make Up: Jarred Trehan / Joanna Hathcock / Shane Monden
Photography: Cameron Phan / Jason Fitzgerald / Kelly Williams

We're proud to say that FGI Dallas has some of the most involved members of the 6,000 people who are a part of FGI around the world.  The whole community came out on FGI Rising Stars night to show their love and support for the fashion industry and those who keep it alive.  These pictures show how fabulous Dallas fashion is, so enjoy these beautiful images by some of my favorite Dallas photographers - Thomas Garza, Danny Campbell, Quoc Cong, and Gregory Martin.
 Holly Quartaro, Lilit Matevosyan, Alex Small, Britt Harless, Elizabeth Anyaa
 Rosanne Hart, Andre Yabin, Alex Small, and Luis Nazario
 Venny Etienne, LeeAnne Locken, Korey Williams, Andre Yabin, and Tiffany Hendra
 A look by Ese Azenabor
 Taylor Miller, Hazen Jewelry designer and FGI Rising Stars nominee in accessories
 Selfie time! From left: ShantaQuilette DeVelle, Charmaine Marshall, Leah Frazier, Alex Small
 Winners!  Binzario Couture designers Luis Nazario and Andre Yabin
 A look by Charles Smith II
Khanh Nguyen and Charles Smith II
 Scott Kehn and Chuck Steelman
 LaToya Jones, Allison Mitchell, Steve Kemble, Alex Small, Yvonne Crum, and Chad Collom
 Jennifer Socarraz-Fleming gets caught by the Fashion Police 
 Binzario Couture's finale look
 Taylor Bacic with the Fashion Police!
 Steve Kemble, Ken Weber, LeeAnne Locken, Chuck Steelman, Tiffany Hendra, Chad Collom, and Brook Branagan
 David Marx, Gina Marx, Andre Yabin, Luis Nazario, Yvonne Crum, Alex Small, Kim Rozell, LaToya Jones, and Charmaine Marshall
 A look by Binzario Couture
 Britt Harless and Jan Strimple
Katy Messersmith, Yvonne Crum, and Marc Mattox
 Carinthia Kishaba, Allison Mitchell, and Courtney Kerr
 A look by Binzario Couture

Interested in applying for membership to FGI Dallas?  Check out the website for more information.


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