Saturday, December 6, 2014

Project Emilie: This Girl Loves Katydid Christmas Tees

Ho Ho Ho, Y'all.  Katydid Collection has a new line of holiday tees that will make your Christmas even more joyous.  You might remember when I was first introduced to Katydid Collection this past summer.  I loved the colorful prints and wearable pieces in the Katydid line.  Dallas-based designer, Katy Messersmith, has released her holiday 2014 line of cute, fun t-shirts to get you into the spirit of the season.  

Everyone who's lucky enough to have met Emilie knows that she lives for holidays.  When a holiday is coming up, she decorates her room and brings out her stash of themed t-shirts.  When I told her that Katy was sending us Christmas shirts, she was pumped.  Katydid's "This Girl Loves Christmas" tee is perfect for Emilie.  Ho Ho Ho, Y'all and check out Katydid's fab Christmas collection. 
We took these pictures on Thanksgiving when my cousins (Emilie's nieces), Jacqui and Julie, were in town.  They wanted to join in on the Katydid holiday fun!  Hope you enjoy these cute pictures and check out Katydid.  
Merry Christmas! 

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