Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Diane von Furstenberg in Dallas! Neiman Marcus Northpark

Most people dream of owning a designer dress.  But very few people have the chance to get style and fit advice from the designer herself.  Neiman Marcus at Northpark made the shopping experience extra special for clients when Diane von Furstenberg was standing outside the fittings room, ready to tie the wrap dresses of hundreds of Dallas women.
Ken Downing, Diane von Furstenberg and Karen Katz

Diane von Furstenberg, DVF for short, is known for inventing the revolutionary jersey wrap dress that's celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  With a new Wrap 40 collection, a book called The Woman I Wanted to Be, and the House of DVF show on E!, 2014 really is the year of DVF.  Neiman Marcus is on a roll this fall with tons of designer personal appearances.  Chuck Steelman the Corporate Manager of Special Events at Neiman Marcus was there to make sure every guest got a selfie with Diane.  Other Neiman's execs like fashion director Ken Downing and CEO Karen Katz accompanied the designer to introduce the designer at the beginning of the event.  It was a night of important people and another unforgettable experience at Neiman Marcus Northpark!    

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