Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Piermarini Boutique Snider Plaza Fall 2014 Fashion & Beauty Event

It's cooling down, but Piermarini Boutique is super hot this fall.  When you shop at Piermarini, you'll find exclusive designer clothes and accessories in limited quantities.  Owner John Piermarini has also recently added beauty to its bevy of stunning offerings.  At the beginning of September, the Snider Plaza boutique invited shoppers to mingle and get a taste of Piermarini's new fall collections.
If you haven't tried the Piermarini Beauty collection, you'll probably think this makeup is too good to be true.  I was so surprised to learn about some of the harsh additives that are in my everyday beauty products.  Piermarini Beauty replaces the bad stuff with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients.  They have every cosmetic essential that you could replace your entire makeup drawer with healthy and pretty Piermarini products.  The lipsticks are rich in pigment and feel luscious.  Trust me, I spent 30 minutes with fashion friend Val Valentine trying the lipsticks on the back of my hand.  According to Piermarini sales associates, the eye shadows are crease-proof and the foundation lasts all day.  One of the most popular products is the vitamin C serum that works with every skin type and corrects several common skin concerns.  Everything, even skincare, is under $50.  You can't beat that especially when you think about the hundreds of dollars you've probably spent on creams and serums that don't always improve your complexion.
with John Piermarini and Alison Volk
John Piermarini has an eye for compiling an assortment of simple and versatile clothes for men and women.  Each piece has an innovative shape and an appealing neutral color.  Some even have more than one purpose, like this sweater that can be worn as a top or a shrug.

Piermarini has some exciting stuff going on this fall.  Project Runway fans will have the opportunity to meet season 7 designer Mila Hermanovski on Friday, October 3.  See her fall collection in person... it's pretty impressive!

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