Friday, August 29, 2014

Harper Hallam: Lived in and Loved in

Here's a jewelry line with pieces that are meant to be worn, lived in, and loved in: Harper Hallam.  The effortlessly cool pieces in the Harper Hallam collection are designed by Rebecca Hallam, who fuses her Mexican culture with couture style.  Each piece is made from the finest natural elements like diamonds and gemstones juxtaposed with elegant 24k gold.  Each piece is timeless because Rebecca is not one to follow trends.  While living in San Miguel De Allende for a summer, Rebecca had some of her grandmother's old jewelry remade so that all of the girls in her family could have pieces.  She got so much enjoyment out of discussing options with the jeweler that she even designed a few of her own pieces.  When she returned to Dallas everyone wanted to know where she got them and a few years later Harper Hallam was started.  Of course, Dallas was the perfect place to launch her line because Dallas women are "the chicest, most gorgeous women" according to Rebecca.  Even people in LA "can always spot a Dallas girl."  
"I just think Dallas women exude confidence, cosmopolitan but in boots. Dallas women pay close attention to styling detail and it shows."
 As a business owner and designer, Rebecca has some great advice to offer those of us who aspire to work in fashion.  "Be willing to do every job," says Rebecca.  You can't start your own business with a big ego and you have to know who to hire.  "I am keenly aware of what I am not good at," and Rebecca knows what kind of talent she needs to fill those gaps.
Blouse by Shirin Askari

Rebecca describes her own style as moody and versatile.  Her current style crush is Blake Lively, who balances feminine and flirty with a sexy edge.  She also finds inspiration in real people every day.  One of her recent discoveries was a gorgeous woman with a scarf on her head and a stack of gold bracelets.  I really like how you can mix and layer Harper Hallam pieces for a different look every day.  You rarely hear about designers who are inspired by real people, which is really cool.  I think that's because Harper Hallam jewelry is meant to be worn. 


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