Thursday, November 7, 2013

Project Emilie: Christine's Bridal Shower

This is the card Christine sent to all of the Bridesmaids.  Guess which one is me!
Christine and John's big day is just around the corner!  Emilie and I are so happy for Christine, my cousin and Em's niece.  John is such a good guy and we're so happy that he's part of our family.  We joined the bride, her friends and family, and her husband-to-be for a classy afternoon affair.

Christine and John scored some FUNctional gifts.  I got her the Kate Spade bride and groom earringsThey're super-cute!  Em picked out some cool wine glasses for the couple.  Her mom (my Aunt Lou Lou) made them one her of famous, fabulous quilts!  Every guest left with a "wedding survival kit."

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Aylor wedding on Small 4 Style!   

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