Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Small 4 Style Interviews Christian Siriano

With Christian in 2012
Christian Siriano, Project Runway winner (4th Season), is one of the fiercest designers of our time. As a serious Runway devotee, I was completely obsessed with his incredible designs, likable personality, and his “tranny fierceness” since the very beginning. I got an email from Neiman Marcus Northpark announcing that Christian would be visiting for a trunk show, and I was beyond excited! When I arrived, there were so many fans and fashionistas waiting to talk to Christian, it was so cool! He was sweet enough to answer some questions.

When asked who his style icon was, I was surprised to find out that he actually doesn’t have one (which actually seems smart to me since he sells to the world’s most famous stylistas).  Instead, he talked about how he’s all about what’s “new and fresh,” and draws inspiration from women who are doing “new and fun things.”  I always love to know how people, especially fashion designers, describe their personal styles in 2 words.  Christian said, “I guess it’s kind of like British Boy-band.” I totally see that!

As the youngest winner of Project Runway, he is an excellent source of advice for those wanting to work in the fashion industry.  Christian suggests, “Find your niche and test out every little part of it (PR, Marketing, Design) because there’s so many things and you really have to find the right thing for you.  You have to really love it because fashion is not always glamorous.  You have to really be obsessed with it.”  I love that Christian took advantage of every opportunity that came his way after his win, like his collaboration with Payless and showing his collection at New York Fashion Week each season.

This was actually my second opportunity to meet Christian.  I met him in 2009 when he was in Dallas for a trunk show at Forty Five Ten. At that time, he had just released his book, Fierce Style: How To Be Your Most Fabulous Self (I HIGHLY recommend his book!).  I was so star struck and speechless when I saw him that first time.  I could barely speak.  I know at one point he pointed to me and said, “You look fabulous!” I’m so lucky I had another chance to talk to him (really, I talked to him this time) and look at his collection up close! 

With Christian in 2009
I love the Parisian stripes he has going on in his collection
Pink Ruffles: My Signature!

I'm obsessed with the cute collar on this dress
These shoulders are so fab!
This dress is even more gorgeous in person

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  1. Isn't Christian the sweetest thing! So fun that you got to visit with him. Loved the photos!


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