Thursday, March 29, 2012

Small 4 Style Interviews Nikki Trizza

 Nikki Trizza, stylist for Neiman Marcus, spoke tonight at SMU Fashion Week!  She styles editorials for, and feels rewarded that she can share her talent online with so many and for such an outstanding retailer as Neiman Marcus.   The contemporary layouts she styles are shot in New York or close to Dallas in Las Colinas.  She styles the clothing and accessories in ways that “give the story a real direction and message.” 

“Network, network, network!,” according to Nikki, is the best thing for those who want to work in the fashion industry to do.  She adds, “This business is very small, and everyone knows everyone, so you want to capitalize on every opportunity you are given to work with or meet someone, because you never know who that person may lead you to.  That is exactly how I've gotten to where I am, and I can't stress enough how important it is.”  During the panel tonight, she emphasized the importance of subscribing to Women’s Wear Daily if you are serious about working in the fashion industry.  Nikki used to work for fashion icon Jan Strimple, which I think is so cool! She shared that working with Jan Strimple was overwhelming and during fashion shows, Nikki loved the fast pace behind the stage.

After a long winter of wearing black, Nikki says that neon is “so fun and playful.”  If you are not into head-to-toe neon like the “highlighter yellow jeans from Rag & Bone” that Nikki is obsessed with, she suggests being subtle with “a little hot pink clutch,” like the one she got at Target recently.  Stay tuned for Nikki’s neon editorial story on in the near future!  I know I’ll be looking forward to seeing that!

“Casual chic” is how Nikki describes her style.  Her style icon, Diane Kruger, keeps Nikki on her toes with her impressive styling choices and for taking “risks that most others don't take” without taking it too far.  

I met Nikki earlier this week at the SMU Fashion Week launch party, and again when she was speaking on the Styling and Design Panel.  I so enjoyed her informative and inspirational advice to all of us college stylistas.  I’m so lucky to have met her!
Me with Nikki Trizza

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