Monday, August 8, 2016

SinfulColors: King Kylie Nail Collection

The DIY gel manicure is the new nail trend.  Just as the nail decal swept the nation a few years ago, gel mani kits are everywhere.  Shiny, un-chipped nails are at your fingertips with 2-step systems by basically every nail polish brand out there.  SinfulColors has a limited edition [kollection] of polishes designed by Kylie Jenner.  Whether you love Kylie or hate her, these nail polishes are fabulousAnd even though the Kardashians can afford every beauty product out there, SinfulColors products are super-affordable and made in the USA without harmful chemicals Kylie's [kolors] look super-rich and luxe.  They go on smooth and last for a week, which is way better than using regular polish.

The collection has been such a hit so SinfulColors has released two more Kylie lines.  Check them all out on the SinfulColors site!


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