Thursday, April 9, 2015

Top Picks: Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show Spring 2015

Leah Frazier and I attempting to make a model face
With the start of each season comes the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show at the Galleria Dallas, a runway show extravaganza where the hottest fashion and beauty trends are featured for an audience of excited guests.  What's different about this show is that even though it's early in the morning on a Saturday, there's so much energy, coffee and perfume in the air that you quickly forget how early you woke up!
Nordstrom Regional Beauty Director for the South Gilbert Vera did an amazing job hosting the show.  A true beauty expert with 15 years of experience, Gilbert led us through the top 3 trends of the season: New Neutrals, The Right Bright Lip, and Sculpting Made Simple.     

Pretty much every big beauty brand that Nordstrom carries was mentioned on the runway, but a few brands in particular had some innovative new products that I think people need to know about!  If you were to buy only 3 new products this season, here's what you need:

1. Clarisonic (shop here)
You can't have a beauty event without talking about the Clarisonic, which some people are skeptical about using until they've tried it.  The Clarisonic rep said, "Everyone with skin needs a Clarisonic!"  I think she meant to say everyone needs a Clarisonic, but nevertheless I totally agree with her and loved that comment.  She highlighted the new Smart Profile Clarisonic, but I think any Clarisonic is great.

2. Dior Lip and Cheek Glow (shop here)
Normally I wouldn't splurge on a single product, but this one has more than one use and gives you a customized glow because it works with your skin's unique pH.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation 10-Color Eye Palette (shop neutral "Nu" set here and purple "Tuxedo" set here)
Everyone needs an all-in-one eye shadow palette for easy and beautiful eyes.  Both the Nu and Tuxedo sets have great essential colors, so if you're picking one it just depends on your style.

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