Friday, March 13, 2015

Blushington: Pure & Simple Makeup is Naturally Beautiful

Minimalistic makeup is sweeping the nation this spring.  A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlighted the "woke up like this" makeup look that women want and the new products cosmetic companies have been coming out with.  The natural face can fool people into thinking you're not wearing any makeup and it's super easy to achieve.   

The makeup artists at Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge in Dallas have mastered the Pure & Simple makeup look.  Jojo Uhrig gave me a makeover and showed me how do the naturally beautiful look on my own.  All it took was a little neutral makeup and the fabulous Beauty Blender sponge to get a great look.
Thanks for my natural makeover, Blushington!  Book your next makeover at Blushington and they'll get your face ready for your next big event.  And ask for Jojo because she's awesome!  She also told me about the hands-on Blushington makeup training classes where a makeup artist will do half of your face and you'll do the other side.  
with the fabulous makeup expert Jojo Uhrig


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