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Spring 2015 Trend Report at Belk Galleria Dallas

Models posing with Arlene Goldstein (VP of trend merchandising and fashion direction), Salem Boohaker (store manager), Charmaine Marshall (Belk stylist)
Spring has almost sprung and Belk Galleria Dallas started the new year with a showcase some of the best looks of the season.  After almost a year since the grand opening in 2014, Belk has continued to be a go-to Dallas destination for modern southern style.  Arlene Goldstein, VP of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction at Belk, highlights a selection of style statements each season, and her predictions always seem to be on-point.  I'm always lucky enough to be one of the bloggers invited to see her special preview each season.  From seeing outfits styled by Charmaine Marshall, Belk stylist, and the style statements by Arlene, I think it's going to be a fun fashion season with lots of opportunities to experiment with color, print and silhouette.  Spring is all about the following four trends, and I hope you are as inspired as I am!   

Garden Party: Floral motifs, traditional and digitized, will continue to be a leader this spring.  Arlene loves this look paired with statement accessories featuring colored stones or pearls.  Longer pleated skirts and classic lace are essential Garden Party elements.  Complete the look with a ladylike handbag and single-soled shoes (aka: non-platform).   

Sport Chic: The sporty motif has taken a turn toward chic with pieces like stylish sneakers and backpack totes.  Athletic-inspired hoodies and jog pants dressed up with polished items are a must.  And buying a "dressy" sweatshirt wouldn't hurt either.  This statement is the perfect way to update your usual casual yoga pant outfit, even though Arlene still thinks yoga pants are on-trend.  You'll be seeing a lot of textiles borrowed from the gym including mesh, pleather, nylon and neoprene accented with contrast zippers and color-blocking.

Spare Me: Bold architectural prints in black and white with pops of color makes a super-modern statement.  A-line, columns and trumpet skirts are key silhouettes to complement the grids and graphic prints of this statement.  Arlene incorporates white shoes and accessories with several of her outfits for the coming season.  According to Arlene, wearing white all year-round is no longer a crime, so breaking the "Labor Day" tradition is the new bold fashion-forward rule.  Speaking of being bold, cuffs, chokers and exaggerated bags (over-sized and mini) go perfectly with this trend.  Gold is also an important classic that you can bring out to pair with your geometric prints.

Islander: A mix of exotic prints and classic stripes will give your look a chic vacation vibe.  Arlene emphasized "matched sets" for spring which, are combinations of pieces of the same or similar prints.  An easy way to bring the islander trend into your wardrobe is to start with "color commonality," said Arlene.  She's also into the continuation of the fringe and tribal trends.  This look is fresh and exciting.

Belk's best stylist, Charmaine Marshall, did a fabulous job with the styling of these four outfits.  My favorite look was the "Islander" because the prints and textiles seemed like they would contradict each other, but her brilliant styling made the outfit come together beautifully.  Belk Galleria Dallas store manager Salem Boohaker is always a great host and the spring event was lovely.  Hearing Arlene explain her spring picks made me even more excited for the coming season.  She comes up with clever snippets about each trend that are always crowd pleasers.  I've noticed that Arlene thinks outside of the box with her style statements.  Each trend can be interpreted differently and easily incorporated into every woman's wardrobe, no matter your style or taste for risk when it comes to clothing.
Fashion friends: Leslie Chatman, Leah Frazier, Amber LaFrance, Charmaine Marshall
with Galleria Dallas stylist Holly Quartaro

The first fashion event of the year couldn't have been more fun.  Be ready for spring with Arlene Goldstein's Top 10 Most Wanted items for women and men this season.

Women’s Most Wanted Spring 2015
1.       Kimono
2.       Soft Pants 
3.       Easy Fit Top
4.       Matched Set
5.       Longer Skirt 
6.       Jumpsuit 
7.       Floral Dress
8.       Statement Earrings
9.       Glitzy Sandals
10.     Look at Me Lips 

Men’s Most Wanted Spring 2015
1.       Updated Polo
2.       Shorter Short
3.       Bold Prints 
4.       Jog Shorts
5.       Athletic-Inspired Knit 
6.       Plaid Sportcoat  
7.       White Pants
8.       Spring Suit 
9.       Fashion Add-Ons 
10.     Sneaker-Style Slip Ons
Attention designers!  Belk is also looking for the next big fashion designer.  The Belk Southern Designer Showcase is back and entries for 2015 are due by February 2, 2015.  Dallas-based Lucy Dang won in 2013 and her collection landed in Belk Galleria Dallas.  We're rooting for another Texan to win!  Complete this form and may the best designer win.

All photos in this post were taken by the amazing Shana Anderson and her son, Trevor.
with Yvonne Crum

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