Sunday, October 5, 2014

XOX Dallas! Betsey Johnson

This is a way long overdue post about Betsey Johnson's personal appearance at Dillard's Northpark.  Since Betsey is doing such a fabulous job on Dancing with the Stars season 19, it's the perfect time to talk about how wonderful she is on screen and in person.  Betsey Johnson is known for her flamboyant designs and girly accessories.  I don't know any girl who hasn't owned a piece of Betsey Johnson.  She's a fashion legend and I was so thrilled to meet her.
Betsey Johnson arrived followed by pink rose petals along with her host and companion du jour, entertainment personality Micah Jesse.  Even after so many years in the fashion industry, Betsy didn't seem tired of meeting her devotees in Dallas.  Trust me, there was plenty of squealing and glee when Betsey appeared.
The excited line of fans was out the door, but Betsey still spent the time to chat with each fan and pose for pictures.  The wait was definitely worth it.  She's just as quirky and fun as she seems on TV, but she's even sweeter when you meet her. 
with Micah Jesse

On Dancing with the Stars, Betsey's killing the competition with her splits and spontaneity.  Everyone's talking about her being in her 70s, but honestly her energy is impressive for any age.  XOX Betsey, I'll always vote for you!
Dancing with the Stars pictures are from Facebook.

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