Sunday, May 18, 2014

Project Emilie: Getting Famous at Fashion Stars 2014

Fashion Stars for a Cause 2014 was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Raising money for the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas and meeting 11 other Fashion Stars was overwhelmingly rewarding.  But the highlight of it all was the gala last March.  I felt blessed to have 10 supportive members of my family by my side on the big night.  Everyone looked like stars in gowns and tuxes.  But it goes without saying that everyone's favorite fashion model stole the show during the Tootsies runway presentation.  As we walked the runway, each Fashion Star was given a beautiful introduction by Terry Bentley Hill.  Once it was my turn to get up there and attempt not to become fashion roadkill, Terry mentioned Small 4 Style and Project Emilie.  Seconds later, Em stood up and did her princess wave to her adoring fans.  It was so cute!
Emilie is always eager to meet new people, and it was no different at Fashion Stars.  Her fearlessness and confidence to be herself is inspiring.        

Emilie's response to her fame?  She's gonna work that runway next time!
 Meeting a new fan and bestie, Val Valentine
 With fellow Fashion Star Regina Bruce
With her new pal, the fabulous Yvonne Crum

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