Saturday, February 22, 2014

DermOne Dallas Free Healthy Skin Checks

Dr. Carolyn Kim talks to media personality Roni Proter
Let's get serious for a moment, stylistas.  Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US?  And in DFW, 20% of people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  That's a scary thoughtBut lucky for us, national dermatology provider DermOne has recently announced the grand opening of 5 DFW locations.  They do everything a normal dermatologist does but more importantly, they are known for providing excellent skin cancer screening with a quick turn-around on biopsy results.

In honor of the new DFW locations, DermOne is offering 500 free healthy skin checks to DFW residents until February 28.  This is a total value of $80,000 (wow!).  To make your appointment at one of the 5 DFW locations near you, call (888)-881-1626 and mention "Healthy Skin DFW."


  1. I LOVE that you're a fashion blog but also helping inform others about skin cancer. It's so deadly and can be caught by frequent skin checks! I love my dermatologist (Dr. Poulder) in Dallas! I just discovered your blog and you've got great posts!

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