Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Emilie: Chic Shopping at the Galleria Dallas

Emilie and I needed to do some serious shopping.  So where else would we go other than the Galleria Dallas, the premier mall in Dallas.  Emilie and I were on a mission to find stylish outfits for our varied events coming up this summer like weddings, graduation, and of course, fashion parties. 

Our first stop was Nordstrom, our FAVORITE store.  We saw some of my pals at the Women's Shoes department.  Also, Emilie got to meet my new boss, Dana.  I'm so excited to do my internship this summer!  Sidebar: my old boss Angela got a huge promotion.  I will so miss her but am looking forward to working for Dana.  Dana wasn't the only celeb we ran into on our shopping trip.  We caught Holly Quartaro, the Galleria Dallas stylist, when she was off-duty. 

For those of you just tuning into "Project Emilie," you should know a little bit about how close we are.  My Aunt Emilie is one of my best friends.  As you can see, she is special and we always have a special time together.  Follow our journey below.  It's always joyous and inspiring.

 Me and Emilie with my boss, Dana
 Our next stop was J. Crew...
 ...and we couldn't go to the Galleria Dallas without seeing the diamonds at Tiffany's
 We took a trip to the Galleria's mini museum...
 ...and Juicy is one of our favorite stores!
 After visiting Uno de 50 during their blogger party, we just had to come back...
  ... then after a long day of shopping and walking, we took a pretzel break... Whew!
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  1. Aw! I just love that first picture! It makes me want to go paint :)


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