Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello Dallas! Aftershock London is Here!

The British are coming to Dallas!  Actually, they're already here.  I got a sneak peek of Dallas' new fashion destination: Aftershock London, which opened last Friday.  The store is gorgeous.  It's the perfect place to get formal dresses and unique accessories

Megan Carradine of FAME MC was there with stylist Nikki Byrd to cover the event.  She got to do a photoshoot with clothes from Aftershock London.  Check it out on her website!  We also chatted with SMU grad Kyle Spencer

Enjoy pictures from the soiree hosted by Bri Crum.  Visit the new Aftershock London Flagship at the Plaza at Preston Center!
8383 Preston Center Plaza Suite 160 Dallas, TX 75225
 Nikki Byrd and Megan Carradine
 Megan Carradine and Bri Crum
 Nikki Byrd and Kyle Spencer

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