Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ShopSeptember Launch Party Spring 2013

ShopSeptember is a brand new e-boutique that offers up-and-coming designers and straight-off-the-runway styles.  I was lucky enough to be personally invited to the ShopSeptember Launch Party last week.  With blogger Cynthia Smoot and site owner Laura Petter as hosts, it was sure to be a good time.  

I got to meet Ms. Petter at the party, where there were interactive stations that you could participate in for a chance to win ShopSeptember gift cards.  I also met Tyler Kerbyson and TCU stylista Mario.  PR expert Susan Friedman invited me to attend.  I also ran into my DFW Style Daily friend Heather Lettieri.   

ShopSeptember is all about a unique experience.  Laura Petter says that it's like having your own personal buyer.  There are two sides to the site: The Street and The Showroom!  Could ShopSeptember be any better?  Check out their website today, they have some really cute stuff!
 With Laura Petter

Here are some of my favorite pieces on the site right now!  Go ahead, shop shop ShopSeptember!

1. Lipstick Ring, $10
4. Neon Bow, $10


  1. Thanks for coming to our fun and fabulous soiree! It's always great to see you.

  2. Had a great time at Laura's launch party! xoxo, Liana Casanova


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