Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show 2013 at Galleria Dallas

Happy, happy, happy, Nordstrom, Nordstrom, Nordstrom.  My favorite store, Nordstrom at the Galleria Dallas, (you all know I work there in the summer and the holidays... wink wink) hosted a spring Beauty Trend Show.  I was so happy to be personally invited by Kelly Hunter to attend because I LOVE learning about new beauty trends.  And I wasn't the only one.  Over 400 people were also pumped to see the exciting spring products Nordstrom has to offer.  My makeup-obsessed Aunt Julie was so disappointed that she couldn't make it.  And of course, I saw my blogger friend Cynthia Smoot at the event.   

Karen Delauro, the Regional Beauty Director for the Mountains and South, got the crowd going as she led the beauty presentation.  I felt inspired by her suggestions and her knowledge.  She didn't make me feel intimidated to try these new products.  The event was a 2-hour run through of the major beauty brands at Nordstrom... I was in heaven!  Plus, I got a fabulous gift bag filled with skincare products, perfume, and makeup!  After the show, makeup junkies could get their makeup done at all of the counters at Nordstrom, which is always a treat.  I had such a fun time and cannot wait til the Beauty Trend Show 2014 at Nordstrom!
 Nordstrom gave tons of lucky audience members beauty prizes!
 Karen Delauro, Regional Beauty Director for the Mountains and South
 At Nordstrom, Clarisonic is huge!
Didn't make it to the Trend Show?  No problem!  You can purchase the products and brands featured from Nordstrom online below!


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