Sunday, March 10, 2013

Galleria Dallas Beauty Live 2013: NUDE Event at Sephora

I got NUDE at Galleria Dallas.  Well, not really.  Beauty Live continued on Saturday morning with an exclusive product launch at Sephora for the new skincare line, NUDE.  All the products are natural and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon.  I talked with NUDE associate, Emily from Chicago, about my skin, beauty, and fashion deals.  She was such a good salesperson that I ended up spending $80 on NUDE products, but it was totally worth it because I have been noticing a difference in my skin.  Now my skin is "lit from within."  Sephora at the Galleria Dallas sells the NUDE line, so go check it out.  Beauty Live at the Galleria Dallas just gets better and better!

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