Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small 4 Style Meets The Bachelor Sean Lowe

The Bachelor Sean Lowe made an appearance at Freed's Furniture in Plano to over 500 crazed fans... including me!  Freed's was such a great host.  Roses, mints, camaraderie, and a beautiful showcase made it even better.  Apparently, Sean has a furniture and fashion company called The Factory Girl and was promoting the furniture, as well as his show, to eager Dallas girls.  So I just wanted to get the word out for Sean because he couldn't have been nicer when he asked for my hand... I mean my name. 

Shout out to my new friends Stephanie, Becca, and Claire who made the time go by fast in line by adding some laughs.  Also, I just wanted you to know that Sean has a good heart.  When talking to Becca, I found out that Sean supports Micaela White's foundation.  I was in Micaela's graduating class at Ursuline in 2011.  She lost her battle to leukemia just a few months after graduation.  Her strength during her battle was such an inspiration to myself and the Ursuline community. 

And I have to say, Freed's Furniture was very pretty.  I'll be back when I have my own apartment and the money to spend.  So glad I took the time to say hey to Sean.  
My new friends: Claire, Stephanie, and Becca

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