Saturday, January 12, 2013

Factory Girl: Fabulous Designer Vintage

In Dallas' cool Deep Ellum neighborhood resides Factory Girl - the place to go for designer vintage.  I was so impressed with Factory Girl and enjoyed my visit with the owner, Heather Mayo.  Since 2011 when Heather started Factory Girl, it has been a unique place to shop.  Heather was a vintage collector and stylist, so the transition into opening a vintage store seemed natural.  But Factory Girl isn't like any other designer vintage store in Dallas; not only is it a fashion store, it's also a great way for artists to showcase their work.  Factory Girl partners with artists for clothing, accessories, and decor.  One of the main artists featured at this time is Lizzy Wetzel.  In the coming seasons, Factory Girl will feature designer lines as well as vintage.  I also loved their designer shoe line, Rocio Ildemaro.

Heather's style in two words is "eclectic classic."  Her style icon is Shelly Musselman, a former fellow fashion collector and style icon in Dallas.  Besides being influenced by Ms. Musselman, Heather always follows her heart when it comes to expressing herself through style.  I love it!

Dyed pieces by Lizzy Wetzel
Dyed pieces by Lizzy Wetzel

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