Friday, November 30, 2012

Project Emilie: iHeart My iPad

Emilie loves her Apple products.  Even for her age, she's better at electronics than I am.  She recommended I get an iPad.  Since the Mini just came out, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see what Emilie loves about having an iPad.  One of the best parts of having an iPad is that Em gets so excited that I have one just like her.  So sweet!

Steal Our Style!
On Me: iPad Mini; Hello Kitty Blouse; J. Brand Houndstooth Jeans (Similar Here); ModCloth Cat-Eye sunglasses; Sam Edelman Flats (Similar Here)
On Emilie:  iPad 3; Leather Jacket (Similar Here); Polka Dot Scarf; Fendi sunglasses; Ugg Boots


  1. I am going to steal you sunglasses at Christmas, just FYI :)

  2. DARLING! love y'all!!!


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