Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Small 4 Style Meets Garance Dore

With Garance Dore
Famous French fashion blogger Garance Dore is in Dallas this week, and one of her stops happened to be SMU!  She talked to us college stylistas about blogging, branding, and her latest projects.  Moderating the chat was Krystal Schlegel, Dallas blogger and SMU grad.  

Ms. Dore is a true inspiration to those aspiring to work in the fashion industry.  She started as a magazine illustrator and turned her passion into a blog in 2006.  She recently did a collaboration with one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade.  Her blog is so successful because she writes like she is talking to friends, as she describes.  I got the chance to ask her if she could describe her style in two words (my favorite question).  She said, "Not in two words, but in two sentences."  Her style is a mix of tomboy style and feminine elegance.

Garance was so nice and funny, just like she is in her blog.  We were so lucky to have Ms. Dore at SMU.  I'm just glad my class ended in time to meet her!
With Krystal Schlegel
 Spiked shoes are so in - Garance's Valentino shoes
 Krystal's fabulous boots
Garance was so nice and took pictures with everyone


  1. So awesome!! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow in person at Neiman Marcus. :)

  2. Great recap! Thanks for coming Alex!!


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