Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Emilie: Texas State Fair

Going to the Texas State Fair with my aunt / fashion model Emilie was an adventure to say the least.  The Texas State Fair started in 1886 in Dallas, and Emilie had never even been before. We couldn't have done the fair without fried food, roller rides, and some laughs.  When you go places with Emilie, it's like hanging out with a celebrity.  She made new friends at the roller coaster, games, and the food court.  Everyone treated her with such respect and kindness that it says a lot about the Texas State Fair and its employees.  Take a look at our adventure!

Steal our Style!
On Me: See By Chloe Blouse (Similar Here); D. Jeans (Similar Here); Nordstrom Headband (Similar Here); Cowboy Boots

Next, off to the butterflies
We attract butterflies
You can't spell funnel cake without fun!
Fired mac 'n cheese... yummmm!
This may not have been the best choice
It's finally over!
Another one of Emilie's fans
This is the closest thing to a ride I could get Em into after that roller coaster
She's a lucky duck!!
Em and I with our new friend, Melissa
Ending the day with a giant lemonade
There was even art!
Someone was exhausted when we got to the car!

 Of course, we had to go to Pink's to get Emilie's cowboy boots.  Pink is my signature color after all.

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  1. Alex, your hair is fabulous in this! I am so jealous! What foundation are you using? Your face is flawless!
    I'm so glad you and Em had a good time. Em looks like a fashion plate, as always. It looks like a lot of fun! I want you to come visit me in Savannah!


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