Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Emilie: Patriotic Stylistas

"I'm back!" is what Emilie said during our latest photoshoot.  You might have noticed that Emilie had to take a break from the fashion world for a little while.  She wants you to know that she's back and better than ever!  A bad case of chicken pox attacked her porcelain skin.  I asked her if she wanted to do a photoshoot while she was covered in polka dots, and she said, "no, I have to get rid of these first."  She thought she would have chicken pox forever and said, "I like the way I used to look" and "now I have to get used to looking like this."  She was so relieved when she found out they would eventually disappear.  Luckily the polka dots are gone and her modeling career has started again.

One of Emilie's favorite holidays is 4th of July because it's a perfect time to break out the red, white, and blue outfits!  So it wasn't hard to find preppy and patriotic ensembles in Em's closet.  Remember, all of our photoshoots are based on Emilie's ideas and I just roll with it!  Em even had her nails painted patriotically for the occasion - she really likes celebrating all holidays.  I hope you stylistas have as much fun looking at our pics as we had shooting them.

Chillin' Out by the pool is the best!
On Emilie: Liz Claiborne striped shirt (similar here); Not Your Daughter's Jeans red pants; cute flats; red headband
On Me: J. Crew polka dot top (similar here); Celebrity Pink Jeans red pants (similar here); Ivanka Trump wedges; striped headband (similar here)
 Em wasn't too thrilled to be standing on the diving board.  But being a model means you have to take risks!
 Taking a break for Diet Coke and some sun!
On Me: Zara striped shirt (similar here); One 5 One red shorts (similar here); Poetic License shoes (similar here); H&M sunglasses (similar here); Lacoste headband (similar here)
On Emilie: striped shirt; flouncy skirt; Kensie blue sunglasses (similar here); metallic loafers
 Twinsies in Tommy Hilfiger dresses!  We looked so cute until...
 ...we got into a water gun fight
On Me: Tommy Hilfiger wedges
On Emilie: Target America tee-shirt; Anthropologie sailor pants (similar here); Keen's sandals
On Me: Target peace sign tee-shirt; Ralph Lauren red shorts; Sperry seersucker wedges; scarf headband (similar here); Karmaloop spike bracelet
Don't you love Em's blue stars & stripes nails?!
On Me: Julie's Closet top (similar here); J. Crew seersucker shorts (similar here); Sperry pink wedges
On Emilie: International Concepts top (similar here)
This is one of my favorite of Emilie's model-esque poses! 
On Me: Ralph Lauren tee-shirt (similar here); Forever 21 seersucker blazer
On Emilie: OP tee-shirt (similar here); Forever 21 striped blazer; royal blue jeans
Taking a break to sip our favorite summer drinks - Fuze and Diet Coke!
On Me: Monteau blazer; Olivia Moon tee-shirt (similar here); Ralph Lauren white shorts; H&M sunglasses (similar here)
On Emilie: Tommy Hilfiger red polo; white pants


  1. AH! My favorite post so far! Every single outfit is so cute!! :)

  2. I LOVE these pics!!! They are just darling! When can I join in on the Project Emilie fun?!?


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