Monday, April 9, 2012

Work It, Girl! Day 1

This week is Work It, Girl week, where I'll feature a new outfit and styling tips each day this week.  I got the idea to feature work outfit ideas from a dedicated Small Stylista.  

You can shop these layouts by browsing the pink links provided below the pictures.  So get ready to liven up your work wardrobe!

Your Essentials
These shoes and accessories can be mixed and matched with all of the looks featured this week.  These versatile, timeless pieces are especially great investments if you're on a budget or just starting your career.

Day 1 Look
This outfit is appropriate for a spring work day, but I love the little details and differences that make it special.  Polka dots are seriously in style right now (they've always been one of my favorites), so why not try polka dot pants?  Your pop of color is yellow-green cardigan, which has gold buttons and a pocket emblem give it a blazer-chic look in a more casual way.  And you can't go wrong with a ruffled blouse, they always look sophisticated and rich.

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