Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small 4 Style Interviews Brad Goreski

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski visited Dallas for a book signing at Brooks Brothers!  His book, Born to Be Brad, is about his life and path to becoming a style icon.  You may remember Brad as Rachel Zoe’s assistant on The Rachel Zoe Project, or on his reality show, It’s a Brad Brad World on Bravo.  Now Brad is a Kate Spade stylist, in addition to his celebrity clients such as Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci.  You should have seen the crowd of bow-tie-wearers and stylistas in line to meet Brad.  Even though it was busy, Brad gave everyone the chance for chit-chat and picture-taking, I love that!  He was sweet enough to answer a few questions.

“Nerdy showgirl” is Brad’s self-described style, which I think is too fabulous!  Style icon - Marilyn Monroe, of course.  For those aspiring to work in the fashion industry, his best piece of advice is “Intern, intern, intern.  And get as much experience as possible.” Great advice that I follow…

When I met Brad, I was beyond star-struck.  I’m obsessed with his style – his bow ties are the best and his glasses are too cute.  He happened to be wearing pink, my signature color, and he told me we matched (I was wearing a pink Kate Spade skirt… an oldie but goodie).  I was practically squealing with excitement! 

At school the next day, my friend Christos was SO jealous that I met Brad.  He’s also a bow-tie-wearing stylista that I have featured on Small 4 Style - twice.  He noticed the awesome picture I got with Brad, and it drove him mad with envy, too funny!  I told him that we would go meet Brad together next time he’s in Dallas.  Maybe…

Meeting Brad was such a pleasure, and so after finals, I’ll read his book.  I am sure it will be a Brad-licious read!
"Alex, Stay Stylish!  Lots of love, Brad (glasses and bow-tie)"
Super-cute Brad glasses cookie
Grant Small, my assistant/bro helped me take pics.  He insisted on keeping his Lacoste sunglasses on the whole time...
 Steal Brad's Style!
Girl's Look
 Guy's Look

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