Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Emilie: The Prequel

Since my Aunt Emilie has gained such a huge fanbase from her first photoshoot, she decided that we needed to do another one!  When I told Emilie I put the first post on my blog, she informed me that our next post would tell the story about how she became a fashion model.  
"Alexie, for our next fashion blog photoshoot, we need to show people how I became a fashion model.  We can take pictures at Larry North.  So, I worked out at Larry North, I lost weight, and that's how I became a fashion model."
Genius!  Emilie works out every Saturday at Larry North Fitness with her personal Trainer, Marquette.  So, Em wanted to inspire you to become a fashion model too by doing light exercises for an hour a week. 

Warm Up! Marquette, Emilie's personal trainer, Emilie, and me
Em and Marquette.  I think it's funny they're standing under the "Discipline" sign!
Sweat!  On Emilie: Shirt (Similar), Leggings, Shoes (Similar), faux diamond bracelet; On Me: Nike Running Shorts, Jean Paul Gaultier artsy t-shirt, Nike Shoes, silver flower ring; On Marquette: Nike Shirt, Pants, Shoes
We all need a little cheering-on!
Whew!  Em's glad that's over!
From Left: Me, Marquette, Emilie, my Aunt Lou Lou and her trainer Meme (Aunt Lou Lou just had to join the photoshoot!)


  1. I love your blogs about her! So cute.

  2. OH my goodness, STOP IT! SO CUTE!!! Love every second of it :)

  3. I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Emilie!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this article, Alex! Emilie is the BEST client ever! She is so dedicated and disciplined. She's the highlight of my week. Annnnnd, of course, she always looks so fashionable in her exercise gear!

  5. I met Emilie when I worked at Larry North. She is a super hard worker and always has a big smile on her face! I definitely miss getting to see her on Saturdays. Love the blog post!

  6. This is probably my favorite post yet!!! so cute and i love the pictures !! and GO EMILIE!! :)

  7. How fabulous! Love :-)

  8. I think it is so great that you have a direct line to such an incredible fashionista like Emilie. So Cool!


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