Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small 4 Style Interviews Joanna Lewis of Stanley Korshak

Joanna Lewis is director of Stanley Korshak Online, which includes everything from online promotion to website management.  We all know Stanley Korshak as one of Dallas’ most exclusive (and I have to add) extravagantly gorgeous luxury boutiques.  She’s speaking at the Business in Fashion Panel at SMU Fashion Week this Wednesday. 

Like me, Joanna believes that hard work pays off and says, “Work hard and always keep moving towards your goals.”  She adds, “In my experience, working hard and keeping a positive attitude really does pay off!”  Joanna feels that it’s important to be active in campus fashion events and internships to get started while still in school.  Doing well in school and meeting industry professionals will also help distinguish you.  Such great advice!

According to Joanna, bright colors are a huge trend this spring.  To put yourself in a good mood, she suggests wearing “a colorful pair of jeans or a bright button-up blouse.” Joanna gets excited when the seasons change and spring is near.  Her husband teases her when she breaks out her bright coral jeans in the “winter.”

“Modern elegance…very feminine, not too classic, not too trendy” is how Joanna describes her style.  Joanna’s style icon is Kate Middleton because “she knows what looks good on her body and always looks sophisticated, graceful, and chic.”  Who doesn’t love the Duchess of Cambridge’s gorgeous clothing?

Catch Joanna Lewis at the Business in Fashion Panel at SMU Fashion Week Wednesday, March 28 at 6:00 in the Crow building room 175.

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