Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jan Strimple's Top 5 Spring Trends

Dallas fashion show producer and style-icon Jan Strimple is so busy, but she was kind enough to share her Top 5 Spring Trends!   These are Jan’s suggestions, verbatim… I love it!
1.  News is color!  Juxtapose colors together that are bold and energetic.   Wear purple shoes and a chartreuse top with your jeans.  Grab an orange bag and pair it with white shoes and a yellow dress.   Think Crayola!
2.  News is color!  But approached in a different way. Pick a color - like blue - and layer 4 different shades of it together.   An aqua top, lapis skirt, cobalt shoes and sky blue cuffs = new use of color.
3.  News is color!  If you're a person that can't get out of their black, white, grey and sand clothing  .... then freshen your look by wearing color on your nails and on your face.  Yellow eye shadow with a rich red lipstick.   Hot pink fingernails and coral toes.  Teal eyeliner paired with a blush pink eyelid and hot pink lips!  Have fun with color!
4.  Bold prints:  hey, you ...  Miss everything looks the same in your closet:  take those black/white/grey/sand clothing and liven it up with prints - colorful, larger scale prints that contain one of those basic colors in the mix.    Pair a black skirt with a great geometric black/tangerine/hot pink print blouse.  Pair grey jeans with oversized floral print in grey/yellow/orange and leaf green top. Pair a navy/green/white bird print pant with a white blouse.   If you're a little shy of bold prints, be sure they contain the same color as your secondary main piece of clothing and you'll feel like you've stepped up your game without leaving your own personal ballpark of comfort! 
5.  Unless you're a vintage shopper, being of college age means you haven't worn peplums or drop waists since you've come of age.  These two trends are prevalent this season and offer some fun new shapes in a girls' closet!

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