Friday, February 24, 2012

Small 4 Style Interviews Taylor Miller of Hazen Jewelry

Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller may seem like a regular 18-year-old college freshman.  Outside school, she’s a nationally-known jewelry designer and owner of her own business, Hazen Jewelry.  In 2002 at the age of 9, Taylor started Hazen Jewelry with ambition and determination.  She would take her great grandmother’s old necklaces apart and restring them on dental floss.  After begging her mom to wear one of her designs out, a prominent Houston boutique owner complimented Taylor’s design and that was the beginning of Hazen Jewelry!  Her savings from birthdays and Christmases went into buying beads, which she would spread out on the floor and start creating beautiful, classic jewelry.  All the moms at her brother’s baseball games would buy her inventory and within 6 months, a store started carrying her line.  She’s been going to the Atlanta Market twice a year to sell her line to store owners.  Taylor says, “It’s been a neat environment to learn in and grow in.”

Never being one to look at magazines for trends, Taylor “take[s] inspiration from nature totally unintentionally.”  A natural trendsetter, she gravitates toward textures, colors, and shapes she likes, which always seem to be what’s in style.  

As a college student, Taylor says that managing Hazen Jewelry “can be very challenging.”  Her business is her creative outlet.  “I’m happy when I do it, it’s definitely worth it in the long run,” Taylor says.  All her supplies and inventory are in Houston while she is at SMU in Dallas, but this spring and summer, she plans on creating an office space in Dallas so she can run her business more easily.  Saint Michael’s Woman’s Exchange in Highland Park Village in Dallas recently started carrying Hazen Jewelry. 

As a wise, business-savvy professional, Taylor has some great advice for those who want to start their own business.  She stressed, “You definitely have to be ready to commit because nothing happens overnight.”  She adds that she always “strives for a new level of professionalism.”  Taylor admits that running a business can be challenging and frustrating at times, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, “you’re going to really put your heart and soul in it, and the rewards will outweigh the hardships.” 

This year is Hazen Jewelry’s tenth anniversary.   2012 is the year to “celebrate how blessed I’ve been to be able to do this,” says Taylor.  Taylor is working on a new concept of breaking up her line into two collections: a high end luxury line and a trendy everyday line.  The high end line is “glamorous and chic” and will include fine metals and precious stones as well as one-of-a-kind pieces, all designed and handmade by Taylor.  The trendy everyday line is a “lifestyle line, very Palm Beach-y, resort,” and more accessible. 
I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Taylor during our freshman year at SMU.  We both share a love for hard work, networking, and a feminine and classy style.  I’m so inspired by her success and dedication to her business, and her jewelry is really outstanding.  Check out more of Taylor’s Hazen Jewelry collection on her website,  Hazen Jewelry is carried at boutiques in several states.  “Like” Hazen Jewelry on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.  Taylor also has a blog, All That Glistens, check it out for gorgeous event photos and fashion trends.

*All photos are from and Hazen Jewelry's Facebook page


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