Friday, February 17, 2012

Ask Alex: Luxe Leopard

Jessica from Los Angeles, CA has a style question... Alex has the answer!
"I know animal print pants are really in right now.  What can I put with animal print pants so that they're stylish and I don't feel over the top?"
Thank you for the challenge!  Animal print pants can be tricky, but when paired with the right pieces, they can be a lot of fun.  It's all about balancing fierceness and femininity.  These J.Brand leopard jeans look feminine with a peter pan collar shirt.  I love these fashionista flats with bows and spikes.   Top it off with big sunglasses and a faux fur coat, and you will make you look sophisticated without being over the top.

1. J. Brand Leopard Stretch Skinny Jeans
3. Peter Pan Collar Blouse
4. Sam Edelman Beatrix Ballet Flats
5. Big Round Sunglasses

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