Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mahiri Takai on Fashion Week Dallas 2012!

Fashion Week Dallas 2012 is just around the corner!  On January 16-22, get ready for exciting fashion shows and parties at Fashion Week Dallas.  Mahiri Takai created Fashion Week Dallas “to showcase all great designers and give them the opportunity to be part of an amazing project without the idea of going bankrupt.”  This is also an excellent opportunity for Dallas stylistas to get the “Fashion Week” experience. 

Mahiri says “Everyday will bring something new to the table.”  Some of the highlights of the week are the Beauty and Fashion Collision on Tuesday, the Breast Cancer Awareness event on Thursday, and the Fashion is Alive! show on Friday.

Mahiri Takai is the Fashion Editor for Dallas Weekly, CEO of Mklinks Models, and the creator of Fashion Week Dallas.  I just had to ask him about his style icon and how he describes his style. Mahiri Takai says, “I don't believe I have one [style icon] I just appreciate great fashion from designers and style in general.”  His style in two words is “classic and artistic.”

To purchase your Fashion Week Dallas tickets and to learn more about the events, visit  And stay tuned for my Fashion Week Dallas coverage on and here on Small 4 Style!

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